Dogg’sCool will guide you step by step to train or re-educate your dog, our goal being that you feel at ease in every situation with your four legged friend.
We teach you the fundamental principles so you can acquire the right reflexes and habits.
Humans speak English, French, German…. We’ll teach you how to speak “dog”!
Our baseline is that there isn’t a unique method to train you dog. Indeed, studying the behaviour and the personality of your dog is what our educating framework is based upon.

Our Method

Gentle and modern, in realistic and everyday situations

Patience, kindness and body language based communication define our working style. We propose a fun and positive training method, which respects entirely the sensitive nature of the canine species.
Classes happen at home, at the park, in town, in real life situations… exactly where you need them.

Our Strengths


  • A gentle and modern training method
  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Behavioural uation
  • Total respect of the animal
  • Behavioural re-education
doggyscool éducation canine

Step 1


Our dog has to understand what is expected from him. For this, we do not use any coercive action, but we try to provoke the desired behaviour by stimulating the dog with the help of something that really motivates him (toy, ball, treat). Once the behaviour is obtained, we associate it with a word and a gesture, which the dog will quickly integrate.

The exercise is repeated until we are sure the signal is fully understood.

This is the understanding part.


This step is essential for you and your companion, it is the first step of positive training and learning.

  • Integration of the signals
  • Memorising
  • Reinforcement
  • Repetitions
  • Acquirement

Step 2


Once we made it through the 1st step in a calm environment, with few distractions, we are going to teach our dog to repeat the same exercise on demand of his owner.

This is called Acceptance

Just like humans, animals have different behaviours and personalities from one another, so we must not forget that each dog has its own reaction times and learning pace. This aspect of your dog is fully taken in consideration.

We ensure the task is pleasant for your pet, for it to become a real pleasure, a moment of complicity and harmony with its owner.

For this purpose we adapt our methods to its personality as well as the owner’s requirements.


This step is more or less long, according to your companion’s personality.

  • Adaptation
  • Complicity
  • Mastery
  • Personalisation

Step 3


It is the last step in the process of learning. We teach your dog to execute the behaviour in any situation, in the midst of numerous distractions and stimulations.

We use treats as “consolidators” and not as “rewards”. It means that through the “consolidator”, we enhance the frequency, length and quality of the desired behaviour.

One must not forget the playful part of our classes. More often than not, it is through games that we obtain the best results, and it allows us to work with the entire family.


This is the most long and delicate step.

  • Reinforcement
  • Distractions
  • Multitude of environments
  • Games
  • Results

We ensure that your dog is actor of his learning


Dog trainer and behavioural specialist

graduated for 15 years


Dog trainer and behavioural specialist

graduated for 3 years