A life-time complicity

We ensure that at the start of our work together, our goals become the same. Our job is to help you train your dog step by step.

The behavioural uation

The First Appointment

The uation is the moment where, you, your dog and I have our very first contact.
This is happening at your home to ensure comfort and ease for your dog, and to be able to better understand his habits. We then try to understand your daily life, your expectancies, your needs to better identify and prioritise the lines of work. We will take our time to meet properly, plan at least two hours. That time will be needed to properly analyse and identify your dog’s personality.

Why at your home ?

Because for us, to be able to see in which environment your dog lives, to meet your family members, to see the dog act and interact in his daily environment, is very important for us. His behaviour, his habits and attitude, the possible behavioural problems, but also his positive sides are all uated together.

All your family members are welcome and can participate, since every person at home has his ways of interacting with the dog. In that sense we can all establish the objectives to attain.

Making clear of the objectives

Our main goal is to make sure you can understand and learn how to communicate with your dog.
For this reason we allow ourselves to take the time to explain to you all you need to know about his way of thinking and communicating, his health, ethology and his learning processes.

We will reassure you by explaining why he behaves the way he does, and you will have all the opportunities to ask all the questions you might have… we’ll do our best to answer them!

Together we analyse how you function at home, our goal being that everyone within your family can live in harmony, with a balanced complicity.

Once the Evaluation has been done, we explain to you our training method, how we plan to work and bring forward the education or re-education of your dog.

Doggy’sCool, your dog trainer and behavioural specialist on the French Riviera, from Monaco, all the way to the Var.